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879039Cheng Wen, Chih-Hung Huang, Ming-Feng Yeh, Kuang-Chiung ChangExtracted results onto frames of the program being watched before they are actually displayed on the
879040Haugen O., Moller-Pedersen B., Oldevik J., Olsen G.K., Svendsen A.Constructs, implying that all possible models in this language are the allowed variations. We
879041Yi Yang, Yue-Ting Zhuang, Fei Wu, Yun-He PanManifolds are learned to explore the relationships among all the data in the level of MMD and in the
879042Ter-Antonyan R., Jaszczak R.J., Bowsher J.E., Greer K.L., Metzler S.D.Can offer up to a 26% efficiency increase over fan-beam, and up to a 128% increase over
879043Jeng-Ji Huang, Sen-Ching ChangChannel scan algorithm, in which voice activity is taken into consideration and beacon listening is
879044Li Wang, Tzu-Ching LinSystem under different operating points. System eigenvalues are calculated for determine stability
879045Daneshi H., Daneshi A.Hourly price of electricity based on conventional methods. This paper gives a bibliographical
879046Lan Tang, Hongchun ShuUsually loosely coupled, even independent, this paper introduces discrete state method into power
879047Guoqiang Wang, Xinzhong Cai, Yujing YueOf the central path. At each iteration, we use only full-Newton step. Moreover, we obtain the
879048Nayak M.K., Suesaowaluk P.Framework that can be used to deal with collaborative software development projects, founded on a
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