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696774Cinque L., Levialdi S., Malizia A., De Rosa F.Digital documents contained in a digital library as images. Our system tries to automatically detect
696775VanderMeer D., Navathe S.B., Datta A., Dutta K., Thomas H., Ramamritham K.Architects can easily create domain-specific service portals, e.g., a travel service portal. We also
696776Rao N.S.V., Oblow E.M., Glover C.W.Authors also provide an on-line learning algorithm that incrementally solves the problem by suitably
696777Carleton H., Duedall I., Woodhead P., Parker J.Properties of the blocks have been monitored at sea using non-destructive ultrasonic techniques and
696778Ishikawa M., Tani N., Yamada T., Ota Y., Nakamura K., Itoh A.By sputtering, Cr segregates near the grain boundaries and enhances the magnetic isolation of
696779Oikonomou K., Stavrakakis I.Conditions change, the migration process is automatically resumed, thus, naturally responding to
696780Charnsripinyo C., Tipper D.Efficient heuristic based on iterative minimum cost routing is proposed. Numerical results are given
696781Khoukhi A., Baron L., Balazinski M., Demirli K.Membership functions parameters) as well as rule-consequence parameters are then learned and
696782Yu-Chee Tseng, Chih-Min Chao, Shih-Lin WuShown to be able to reduce, for example, the code blocking probability by 77% and the number of
696783Ware C., Fleet D.Problems (vergence focus conflict). They have implemented this technique in a system called
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