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271134Parsons J., Gallagher K., Foster K.D.Medium (print or Web) and Web content structure (linear or non-linear) on a broad range of measures
271135Yao C.H., Huang T.C., Chi K.S., Wan W.K., Lin H.H., Hsia C.C., Liang M.S.Versatile IC design units are selected. It is demonstrated that our modelling approach can serve as
271136Chang R.W.Y., Kye Yak See, Eng Kee ChuaResulting in signal reflections and hence deterioration of signal integrity (SI) and system
271137Bains S.Several companies including Varioptic, Philips and Lucent Technologies are now working on offering
271138Kruk Paweł,, Noga Andrzej, Trepka Teresa, Zachorowski Jerzy, Gawlik WojciechFrequency reference for laser spectroscopy with the stabilized 4-m-long Fabry–Perot cavity
271139Lutz S., Losee F., Ladd A.Multipath smearing and to determine whether the rates of change of phase would permit the use of
271140Bueck J.C.Section, RF quadrupole, or coupled cavity linac). The RF elements do not share RF power with other
271141Antonicelli V., Antonicelli R.G., Rizzi M., Castagnolo B.Especially when the design specifications are so strict that no tolerance margin is given for
271142Kwon Taeyun, Eom Kilho, Park Jinsung, Yoon Dae Sung, Lee Hong Lim, Kim Tae SongMicromechanical observation of the kinetics of biomolecular interactions
271143MacNealy M.S.Course in empirical methods tended to be negative, even somewhat fearful, at the beginning of the
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