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408819Wong K.K.Y., Kuo B.P.P., Marhic M.E., Kalogerakis G., Kazovsky L.G.Optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) have been demonstrated in different respects. We describe these
408820Roberts D., Pettigrew J., Udupa J.Three-dimensional imaging of the temporomandibular joint in vitro and in vivo
408821Jian Wang, Junqiang Sun, Rosas-Fernandez J.B., Huang G., Xinliang Zhang, Dexiu HuangNon-transparent characteristic of FWM using NRZDPSK, RZ-DPSK, CSRZ-DPSK, and CSRZ signals. One
408822West P. R., Polasko K. J., Fasoldt C. L.A metal liftoff process facilitated by the use of contrast enhanced photolithography
408823Cheng YinqinOf moment and its eigenvalue equation and transmission characteristics are obtained and discussed.
408824DeCarlo R.Editorial: Technical notes and correspondence: The backbone of the Transactions
408825Pocock H.S.Professional Institutions and the Technical Press
408826-View from the Top Is This the Year You'll Be Fired?
408827Jeong H., Oh K.Theoretical analysis of cladding made waveguide dispersion and its effects on the spectra of long period fiber grating
408828Williamson S., Feng Y.N.On the calculation of harmonic air-gap fiels in machines with single-sided slotting
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