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250315Huang Jing-Shun, Wu Chung-Hao, Chou Chen-Yu, Liu Meng-Yueh, Lin Wen-Han, Lin Yu-Hung, Lin Ching-FuhOrganic layer and the electrode for improving the performance of the polymer/ZnO nanorod hybrid
250316Loyola L., Miki T.(MC-DS-CDMA). The proposed system allocates subcarriers and spreading codes to users by considering
250317Solaiman B., Autret Y.Feature maps are mainly considered. The unsupervised Kohonen as well as the hybrid learning vector
250318McGandy M.J., Seligmann D.D.Special rooms built for remote conferencing with simulated round tables and large displays. But
250319Wouters D.J., Tack M.R., Groeseneken G.V., Maes H.E., Claeys C.L.Interfaces. The possibility of performing measurements on a transistor level makes direct
250320Berenger J.-P.Computer codes designed for the solution of scattering and coupling problems encountered in the
250321Chen Yajie, Geiler Anton L., Fitchorov Trifon, Vittoria Carmine, Harris V. G.Time domain analyses of the converse magnetoelectric effect in a multiferroic metallic glass-relaxor ferroelectric heterostructure
250322Ming Ye, Yuantao JiangDeveloping country in the world, and investigated the impact of two organizational constraints,
250323Wushou Sliamu, Yong Hou, Junwei CaoContribution of GHS is providing appropriate prediction for long-term applications different from
250324Kory C.L., Dayton J.A. Jr.Electromagnetic finite integration computer code. The helix model includes tape thickness,
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