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41777Wong K. T., Wu Y. I., Abdulla M.With a Gaussian density of scatterers centered at the transmitter. Despite this model's simplicity
41778Shankar T. M. Ravi, Webster John G., Shao Shu-YongIs, however, a phase difference between the two contributions. As a result of this, the blood
41779Seokhoon Lee, Jongill Ahn, Sungyong Lee, Tae-Choong Chung, Hyonwoo SeungSearch system (through CGI) to get a result from the database and returns it to the client. The
41780Yong-Gang Lv, Zhong-Shan Deng, Jing LiuConcentration thermally important for medical treatment was established. Given accurate thermal and
41781Bradley J.N., Brislawn C.M., Quinlan D.J., Zhang H.D., Nuri V.Contain platform-dependent parallelized code. The paper compares the overhead incurred in using A++
41782Gullberg G.T., Yu-Lung Hsieh, Zeng G.L.Computer simulations showed that accurate attenuation corrected reconstructions could be obtained
41783Ying Yuan, Hongtu Zhu, Ibrahim J.G., Weili Lin, Peterson B.S.Locations. Simulation studies are also used to understand more thoroughly our theoretical results.
41784Veaux J., Cavailler C., Gex JP., Hauducoeur A., Hyvernage M.Hard x-;ray detector with an MCP image intensifier working in the 100 keV 1 MeV x-;ray range
41785Kossowsky R., Slade P.Interior of the cathode craters is depleted of CdO, while a layer of Ag-Cdo is built up in the anode
41786Hinchley D.A., Palmer P.R.A bipolar gate. The validity of the MBGT concept is demonstrated by experimental
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