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274815Khalil M.S., Muhammad D., AL-Nuzaili Q.Shortcomings of previous methods due to missing some minutiae, non-linear distortions, and rotation
274816Peng Min, Sun YanbinCointegration test on the weekly data of international crude oil spot price and U.S. dollar index
274817Kannan S.R., Narayana Rao Y.Predict the parameters of an impulse generator required to produce the standard lightning-impulse
274818Kneller E.F., Hawig R.Is hard magnetic in order to provide a high coercive field, while the other may be soft magnetic,
274819Yiu-Pong Lai, Manhung Siu, Mak B.By linear regression. Their derivation may be generalized as a frequency-domain transformation of
274820Semanderes Stavros N.The Fault Tree. In Fault Tree analysis, component failures or conditions (basic events) are
274821Palazzari P., Coli M., Rughi R.(DT-CNN) and are characterized by an appealing mathematical description which allows the development
274822Salmon J.C., Nowicki E.Converter uses a 3-phase Y-connected bi-directional switch (3φ Y-switch) network and a single
274823Lai J., Hughes D., Gallaher E., Zoughi R.Testing techniques, using open-ended rectangular waveguide and coaxial probes have shown great
274824Lilja J., Makinen R., Pynttari V., Mansikkamaki P., Kivikoski M.Upper UHF band to the lower SHF band. Modeling these conductors using standard circuit models
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