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152453Zhang Zhijia, Zhang Haifeng, Sang Haifeng, Yuan WeiqiTo obtain the optimal number of the singular values for image reconstruction and to eliminate the
152454Kong-fa Hu, Zhen-zhi Gong, Qing-li DaThe small multi-dimension hierarchical encoding and their prefix path, MDHEGA can rapidly retrieve
152455Mensink C.H.J., Klumperink E.A.M., Nauta B.Process. Simulation results, obtained with state-of-the-art MOS models, show a significant deviation
152456Pelet P., Engheta N.The dispersion (Brillouin) diagram for a chirowaveguide, three regions are identified: the
152457Frize M.Increase their presence are discussed. The paper ends with a discussion on how science and
152458Hossack D.M., Reid J., Sewell J.I.Techniques have been used for a design study for the integration of a switched capacitor speech
152459Bin HeResults suggest that the epicardial potential inverse solution from the body surface Laplacian map
152460Bale R.A., Lewis M.F., West C.L.Input the electrical data in respect of their linearity and temperature sensitivity. In order to
152461Mohamed Y.A.-R.I., El-Saadany E.F.Equivalent internal model. Subsequently, wide range of voltage perturbations, including
152462Orda A., Sprintson A.Problem(s), based on a "divide and conquer" scheme. As opposed to previous solutions, our technique
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