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246897Farina A., Fabrizio G.A., Melvin W.L., Timmoneri L.Nonhomogeneous
246898Mito T., Yamada S., Takahata K., Yanagi N., Chikaraishi H., Nishimura A., Tanahashi S., Motojima O.,Were also
246899Dewar M., Scerri K., Kadirkamanathan V.Examples
246900McKee G. R., Fonck R. J., Thorson T. A., Stratton B. C.Implementation of the α-;CHERS diagnostic for D–T operation of TFTR
246901Dembski W.A., Marks R.J.Of information theorems indicate that any search algorithm performs, on average, as well as random
246902Fu Chuan, Chen YunIs to build a multi-agent artificial market (MAAM) based on the theory about multi-agent system, and
246903Middendorf W.H.Reports on the unexpected arcing phenomenon which takes place occasionally during the High Current
246904Zou L., Lu M., Xiong Z.An important issue of location based routing in sensor networks. It occurs when a message falls into
246905Parikh S., Kolodziej K., Salas C.Issues of plant safety from the standpoint of design engineers. The authors analyze the steps
246906Fuller L.F., Hirschman K.D., Waldrop P.C.An IBM Total Quality Management (TQM) Competition. Among the several projects funded by this grant
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