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79149Horst R., Jewett D., Lenoski D.Fault-injection studies. They find that without lockstep, an undetected data corruption may occur
79150Yasuoka H., Vernon S. P., Jaccarino V.Nuclear relaxation study of the randomly diluted antiferromagnets MnxZn1-xF2 and FexZn1-xF2 
79151Nakao T., Tsukamoto M., Ogawa T., Loh Y.-H., Miyamae M., Nishio S.Order to relax the modeling cost and the accessing cost through the WWW to let everyone enjoy easy
79152Declerck P., Didi Alaoui M.K.Uses only maximization, minimization and the addition operations. The following aim is to check the
79153May C.Solution can be found in linear time for both the classical problem and the new problem. However,
79154Harrington E.F.Which we call the fixed-share hierarchy (FSH). We demonstrate the successful use of the FSH
79155Kar N.C., El-Serafi A.M.Innovative model for the saturated synchronous machines using the intermediate-axis saturation
79156Caihong Li, Yibin Li, Fengying WangAchieved. The prediction model performance of RBFNN has been compared with a back propagation neural
79157Jou Jwo MingSpeed that rising temperature is in direct proportion to the thickness of the piezoelectric ceramic
79158Ayyubi S.R., Ahmad M., Faiz F.Projects. In addition to this we shall evaluate the software projects of local industry against
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