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161215Borgeaud M., Tschudi M., Jeanbourquin D.In the Western part of Switzerland has been selected. During the period of 29 September 2007 to 18
161216Ho K. T., Lien C.-,D., Nicolet M-,A.Palladium silicide formation under the influence of nitrogen and oxygen impurities
161217Girondel V., Bonnaud L., Caplier A., Rombaut M.Postures are standing, sitting, squatting, and lying. The recognition is based on data fusion using
161218Salgado R.M., Ballini R., Ohishi T.Method is built in two phases: In the first phase, a clustering algorithm is used to identify buses
161219Pourvoyeur K., Stelzer A., Gahleitner T., Schuster S., Gassenbauer G.Accuracy of few centimeters and measurement rates of 1000 measurements per second LPM is by now one
161220Liu Z. H., Aksoy S., Acet M.Influence of Sb on the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy NiMnIn
161221Werner B.A., Prorok M.Processes occurring in the devices, e.g. recombination/diffusion processes. In the paper results of
161222Ali I., Casati A., Chowdhury K., Nishida K., Parsons E., Schmid S., Vaidya R.3GPP radio accesses (E-UTRAN, UTRAN, and GERAN), as well as other wireless and wireline access
161223Png I.P.L., Chen-Yu Wang, Qiu-Hong WangUses linear regression with the number of attacks as the dependent variable and indicators of
161224Yujin Song, Jongkun LeeTransitive matrix may explain all relations between the place and transitions in Petri nets. Since
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