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903027Senanayake B., Mark C.R., Zhenning ShiMore difficult. Inefficient designs cause a large number of false alarms and/or missed detections.
903028Wei-Hau Pan, Shou-Der Wei, Shang-Hong LaiMeasure to be used for motion estimation. In general, using the NCC as the similarity measure in the
903029Fukuma Y., Goto K., Senba S., Miyawaki S., Asada H., Koyanagi T., Sato H.IV-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor Ge1-xMnxTe epilayer grown by molecular beam epitaxy
903030Yan Lin, Liu QingGranular reasoning includes the reasoning in rough logic. The researches show that granular
903031Umezawa J., Kitazawa H.Background subtraction method. Although the background subtraction method usually generates superior
903032Khongorzul D., Shinn B.Transmitted in a slot time. It is modeled that the output channel can be blocked by some Markovian
903033Shipley M.F., Olson D., de Korvin A.And if so, in what cost range. The basis for this decision is competitiveness of the marketplace and
903034Pathak A., Chakrabarti S., Gupta M.And build indices for a popular class of page rank algorithms, so as to provide real-time
903035Amiri M., Menhaj M.B., Yazdanpanh M.J.Challenging control problem, in order to investigate the ability of this type of recurrent neural
903036Yan Zhenhua, Huang Jianguo, Han Jing, Ran MaohuaSoftware. The multiple processors with 4 ADSP-TS101s makes up of cluster/data flow associated
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