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353780Scheiber R.Variations in across-track interferometry. For the along-track system first results are
353781Read M.E., Kwo Ray Chu, Dudas A.J.At 35 GHz. Satisfactory agreement with theory was
353782Biro J.C., Biro J.M.K.Prion protein (PrP) and transcriptions factors (TF) was only detected by blastNP. A signal
353783Campostrini P., Chitarin G., Guarnieri M., Pomaro N., Trevisan F.Significant results for plasma physics
353784Higuchi H., Matsunaga Y.Industrial designs with tens of thousands of FFs and detects more multicycle paths faster than
353785Shan Juan Xie, Sook Yoon, Ju Cheng Yang, Dong Sun ParkShow that the proposed two-step OOCL method can estimate fingerprint quality more
353786Sparkes R.Analog engineers adapted to these developments are
353787Jurado F., Valverde M., Ortega M.Investigated. MATLABtrade software environment is used for the
353788Ji Soo Yi, Youn ah Kang, Stasko J.T., Jacko J.A.Interaction techniques and hopefully lay an initial foundation toward a deeper understanding and a
353789Shimomura Y., Miki S., Ichise H.Laser as a light
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