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407498Zwe-Lee Gaing2004
407499-Message from the Organizers of ITeS 2009
407500Preisman A.The Technical Institute
407501Chairman G., Mauris G., Petriu E., Salicone S.Message from the Chairmen
407502-Report of the Board of Directors
407503Muhanna M., Dascalu S., Harris F.C., Elfass S., Karam M.Being widely and increasingly used in many areas of human activity. Designing applications for
407504Hulse R.P.Tests on the Nernst lamp
407505Kunz M., Niklasson G. A., Granqvist C. G.Optical and electrical properties of sputter-;deposited Al films close to the percolation threshold
407506Davis G., Chawla S.Shapiro's (1993) EZW scheme, Said and Pearlman's (see IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video
407507De Reggi A.S., Mahdavi S., Lewiner J., Alquie C.Experimental Determination Of The Development And Evolution Of The Spatial Distribution Of Charge Injected In Polyethylene By A Voltage-biased Needle
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