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281408Wang K., Schneegans O., Moradpour A., Jomard F.Ga+ implantation in the organic crystal (TMTSF)2PF6 by focused ion beam
281409Reynolds D. C., Colter P. C., Litton C. W., Smith E. B.Identification of impurities in GaAs by the magneto-;optical photoluminescent spectroscopy technique
281410Baranov A.O.Of money supply, exchange rate and interest rate on GDP, industry output and inflation in Russian
281411Jarlskog C.Z., Paganetti H.Proton beams in order to select the physics setting for the 8.1 version of the Geant4 toolkit. A
281412Tan C.C., Beaulieu N.C.First-order, finite state, Markov chains are examined. The stochastic properties of a proposed
281413Peters L. Jr.Many GPR measurements. These include (a) electronic hardware (b) antenna systems (c) electromagnetic
281414Barta StefanEffective Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio for the particulate composite
281415Bose B., Kloeve T.T-errors and detecting unidirectional errors (t-EC-AUED code) is presented. The t-EC AUED code is
281416Freeman K.R., Hobson G.S.That the origin of an empirical relationship between the bias voltage and transit frequency of CW
281417Michael K., McCathie L.Benefits than its predecessor, the bar code, it currently comes at a price that many businesses
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