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153912Asobe M., Yokohama I., Kaino T., Tomaru S., Kurihara T.Nonlinear absorption and refraction in an organic dye functionalized main chain polymer waveguide in the 1.5 μm wavelength region
153913Shenqiu Zhang, Moloney C.Capture curved and oriented geometrical structures in images. However, it has the drawback of a 4/3
153914Logan D.M., Baylor J.S., Cotcher D., Krauss D.Information to NUG developers on the value to the utility power system of various attributes, in
153915Lv Shengli, Li Jingbo, Yue Dequan, Xiao XinInterruptions. The rates of server breakdown are different between busy time and idle time, and
153916Tsoukias N.M., Dabdub D., Wilson A.F., George S.C.Filling during inhalation, and (2) the dependence of the diffusing capacity (DL) on alveolar volume
153917Muller N., Herbst B.M.Estimate the extent of the distortion. It was recognized from the beginning that accurate estimates
153918Dean Doug, Lawrence Peter D.Of current stimuli as a function of various physical parameters. There is no known analytic solution
153919Fezari M., Khati A.-E.Severely handicapped users need some other means of controlling this type of robot. The designed
153920Hashimoto S., Yamashita N., Mikami T.Atmospheric water vapor absorption. To determine the effect of the fractional instability on the
153921Brancart C., Singh HanumantCreated the AUV Conference, a biannual twoday conference. This paper reviews the first 18 years of
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