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414069-The Finniston report: ¿Diverting attention away from the real problems¿
414070-Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE International Workshop on Memory Technology, Design and Testing (MTDT2002)
414071-Edmond Bruce, Recipient of the Morris Liebemann Prize, 1932
414072-The 2000 IEEE international symposium on circuits and systems
414073N.M. Marinovic, W.A. SmithUse of the Wigner Distribution to Analyze the Time-Frequency Response of Ultrasonic Transducers
414074Kaszewski B.Result of tests on insulating elements contaminated in a naturai way during many years' service on
414075Newington Frank, Jamieson Andrew, Hanson A.C., Burbidge A.H., Robertson J.A., Wilson A., Lackie W.W.

414076IEEE Journals Proceedings of the IEEE
414077Dianov E.M., Golant K.M., Khrapko R.R., Tomashuk A.L.And conventional fibers for radiation
414078Papet Robert M.Remarks on ``The Efficiency of Thermoelectric Generators''
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