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585006Wright R.G., Dudey Y., Bowers H., Janusz P., Lyon P.Validation of integrated family test equipment (IFTE) test program sets (TPS) using knowledge-based
585007Fonseca C.M., Fleming P.J.Relevant trade-offs between multiple objectives with a minimum of effort. While Pareto and
585008Chang C.-T., Hsu Y.-Y.Disproportionate parallel corridors and to boost the low-voltage profile on the transmission
585009Hsiao H. H., Panda R. N., Shih J. C., Chin T. S.Effect of nitridation on magnetic properties of Fe53Pt47 thin film
585010Leroy M., Hautecoeur O.Days assuming cloud-free conditions. This ability can be used to produce time series of vegetation
585011Cesar P., Vierinen J., Vuorimaa P.Runtime tools and include, among others, the visualization of complex graphics and the efficient
585012Tsagkaris K., Dimitrakopoulos G., Demestichas P.Networks, towards a global system, operating over a common access infrastructure, namely the "beyond
585013Malossini A., Blanzieri E., Calarco T.The class of the possible fitness functions to varying fitness functions, is , where is the size of
585014Furutani K., Enami T., Mohri N.Prototype of a machining unit by the dot-matrix method is developed. The machining process by the
585015Leclere J.H., DelBalzo D.R., Pflug L.A.Good seabed characterization, tactical mission planning is seldom optimal or efficient. Current data
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