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389729Antonino A., De Feo V., Finochietto J.M., Gaudino R., La Porta A., Petracca M., Neri F.Focused on all-optical packet networking on a simple architecture based upon commercially available
389730Juang B.H., Tsuhan ChenAnd prospects for the future. The research areas covered are speech analysis and synthesis, speech
389731O'Connell T.C., Krein P.T.Detailed static field solutions are calculated at several rotor positions over a pole pitch of
389732Langdon, Raworth J.S., Leonard W., Manville E., Albright J.F., Weekes R.W., Sankey, Trotter A.P., SiContinuation of discussion on ¿On the employment of the electric light for railway purposes¿
389733Puget S., Bossu G., Mazoyer P., Portal J.-M., Masson P., Bouchakour R., Skotnicki T.Capacitorless eDRAM remains to be assessed. Planar Independent Double Gate architecture is
389734Shimojo S.Message from the Organizers of the Workshop on Ubiquitous Networking and Enablers to Context-Aware Services
389735Suryanarayanan K.L., Soudack A.C.For multi-input multi-output nonlinear sampled-data systems on a hybrid or on a digital computer. An
389736Mihran T.G.Microwave tubes: Proceedings of the 5th international congress, Paris, september 14-18, 1964, sponsored by The Federation Nationale Des Industries Ele
389737-The secretary's third visit to India
389738Attarha A., Nourani M.Is used in fault detection, the gate orientation plays an important role. In this work, we discuss
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