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139728Wang Huanjiong, Zhou Lei, Yan Binyan, Cui Yaokui, Wu Daihui, Fan Wenjie, Xu XiruAre not always effective, as grassland vegetation with different characteristics may still produce
139729Hongfei Liu, Yongshun Huang, Mingfeng Li, Lin Weixiong(ROI) compression. Because of the particularity like noisy and complicated background, detecting the
139730Steinberg Y.Other. The approximation is achieved by simulating (possibly alternative) input processes at each of
139731Xu Weidong, Xia ShunrenIterative thresholding technique is used to gain an optimal threshold correspondingly. All the
139732Ibarra-Castanedo C., Maldague X.It is well known that the phase data is little disturbed by the problems typically affecting the
139733Yamada K., Kowada M.Modified repetitive controllers. The parametrization of all multi-period repetitive controller for
139734Kostylyova O.V., Bulgakov A.A., Kononenko V.K.Dielectric and semiconductor structures. Various kinds of the field distribution are analyzed. Te
139735Montalbano G., Serebryakov G.V.Sonar and underwater communication systems. Indeed, in such circumstances, the resulting wavefronts
139736Connolly M. P., Dawson P.Optimization of the slow-;mode plasmon polariton in light-;emitting tunnel junctions
139737Zamani M.S., Mehdipur F.Dimensionality, are fed to the self-organizing map at random in order to map them onto a
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