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366311Rozanski G., Bromirski M.Method of approximation of effective bandwidths for connection admission control (CAC) in ATM
366312Fuke Shunro, Imai Tetsuji, Kawasaki Kazushige, Kuwahara KazuhiroSubstrate effect on the deposition of Zn3P2 thin films prepared by a hot-;wall method
366313Engelmann R.H.Suspected or believed that there were electromagnetic waves? Who first demonstrated that such waves
366314Manuel de la SenOutput controllability for continuous linear time-vary ing systems with multiple time-lag are
366315Tasman H. A., Babeliowsky T. P. J. H.Influence of the Temperature of the Condensing Wall on the Pumping Speed of a Glass Mercury Diffusion Pump
366316Eisenbiegler J., Lowe W., Wehrenpfennig A.Redundant computations. In order to calculate the optimal amount of redundancy, we generalize the
366317Nakamura Y., Ohkouchi S., Nakamura H., Asakawa K.In required regions by using in-situ mask, where perfect selectivity has been demonstrated. The
366318Castro N., Medina E., Gomis P., Wong S., Wagner G.Coronary angioplasty (PTCA). The study population consisted of 37 patients undergoing PTCA from
366319-The 20th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
366320Leibrich J., Ali A., Paul H., Rosenkranz W., Kammeyer K.-D.Voltage has a significant impact on receiver sensitivity. It is a compromise between control of
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