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385187Case D.R.Range of contrast and signal to noise
385188Benedetto J.M., Jordan A., LaValley N.Retention failures during mission
385189D'Silva C.Molecular Recognition: A Route To The self-assembly of molecular Circuitry
385190Pelikan E.On A Neural Network Approach To The Detection Of Characteristic Events In Signals
385191Atkinson J.N.Dundee Sub-Centre: Chairman's address. ¿An outline of the legislative structure and progress of the electricity supply industry¿
385192Moller L., Su Y., Xie C., Liu X., Leuthold J., Gill D., Wei X.Keying modulated
385193Rogers John A., Paul Kateri E., Jackman Rebecca J., Whitesides George M.Using an elastomeric phase mask for sub-100 nm photolithography in the optical near field
385194Duhamel P., Piron B., Etcheto J.M.Computational
385195Berwick M., Leilabady P.A., Jones J.D.C., Jackson D.A.Sensitivity
385196Desem C., Chu P.L.Between
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