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100986Pickett B., Zuniga M.Schedule, and dispatch all products with 95% accuracy, generate dispatch lists by operator, and
100987Schroers J., Busch R., Masuhr A., Johnson W. L.Continuous refinement of the microstructure during crystallization of supercooled Zr41Ti14Cu12Ni10Be23 melts
100988Chang A.K., KuoLiang LuAnalysis indices. The annually performance as geometric mean increases 278.5%. The weak-form market
100989Hackenberg J. J., Dion M. J., Hemmenway D. F., Pearce L. G., Werner J. W.Identification of plasma induced failure modes in the development of a bipolar-;complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor process
100990Magee S., Thiele D.That the profession must address. Our focus is on all existing software process
100991Bernardi P., Giannini F., Sorrentino R.Schematization of the "near-field"--is pointed
100992Laribi A., Laribi S.A.Uncertainty associated with the introduction of a new
100993Javadi S., Vahidi B., Hosseinian S.H.Of magnetizing inrush
100994Bressan M., Conciauro G.Converging properties everywhere inside the
100995Hui D., Hongzhi L., Zhu Y.-s.Not affect the separating ability of
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