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371175Richtsmeier J.T., Morris G.R., Marsh J.L., Vannier M.W.The Biological Implications Of Varying Element Design In Finite-element Scaling Analyses Of Growth
371176Rotaru Aurelian, Varret Francois, Codjovi Epiphane, Boukheddaden Kamel, Linares Jorge, Stancu AlexanHydrostatic pressure investigation of the spin crossover compound [Fe(PM-BiA)2(NCS)2] polymorph I using reflectance detection
371177Mammosser J., Benesch J.F.84 cavity pairs and a roughly normal distribution of the log10 (leak rate) is seen, centered about a
371178Gilbert B.K.System architecture levels, and if these issues are considered in combination with system, logic
371179Wernicke A., Lienhart R.7.8% characters were damaged. 90% of the correctly segmented characters were recognized correctly by
371180-Discussion on ¿The development of the single-break oil circuit-breaker for metalclad switchgear¿ before the Institution, 20th February, 1936
371181Hunter P.V., Sayers H.M., Taylor A.M., Painton E.T.Discussion on the papers ¿The distribution of electricity¿, by Mr. Woodhouse, and ¿Some economic aspects of extra-high-tension distribution b
371182Xiao Pei, Li Gangyang, Yang MingzhongDevelopment of automobile parts and spares is thus
371183Watson J.M.Games, in the home, commerce, industry and scientific and military
371184Gescheidt GeorgA simple experimental setup for the simultaneous measurement of ESR and absorption spectra
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