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37738Lacey H.M.Those aspects of surge propagation which are important in relation to the protection of substation
37739Manwell J.F.Make paper. With the advent of the steam engine however, the use of wind for mechanical power began
37740Rui-Bing Dong, Qing-Xin Chu, Jian-Qiang GongEffective permeability from these S-parameter though the extraction method for the constitutive
37741Raikkonen E., Buchter S.C., Kaivola M.Strongly on the thermalization rate when the ratio of the ground-state absorption cross section of
37742Alessi J.G., Brennan J.M., Brodowski J., Brown H.N., Kponou A., LoDestro V., Montemurro P., Prelec KNearly ground potential. At the same time, the controls and instrumentation in the preinjector area
37743Hawkes N. C., Brix M.Calibration and operational experience with the JET motional Stark effect diagnostic
37744Colonna A.Objects are found on the whole of the island; the studies undertaken on the site of Carcu-Modria can
37745Dhuli R., Lall B.In the Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) representation, in the design of the filter bank. This paper
37746Berger H.H., Dreckmann U.Effect of unnecessarily large emitter contact holes. Of the mechanisms determining the base current,
37747Whitehead J. B., Lee F. W.Of curves for positive and negative potentials as obtained by varying the pressure for each constant
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