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1Vigoureux J.E.P.The grid of a valve and either of the other electrodes gives rise to oscillations in the plate
2Vigoureux J.E.P.Other electrodes gives rise to oscillations in the plate circuit when the constants of that circuit
3Arnold A.H.M.Simplicity. Formulae are obtained for the induced sheath voltages and for the losses with bonded
4McPetrie J.S.The immediate neighbourhood of a transmitting aerial. The mathematical calculation of this field is
5Moullin E.B.Methods of approach, the paper sets out to find the values which these two voltages must have if and
6McPetrie J.S.Mathematical calculation of this field is somewhat laborious, and the following paper describes a
7Wilmotte Raymond M.The transmitting antenna is known. In this connection the author has shown that, for the simple
8Arnold A.H.M.Equalizing the impedance-drops in each line, which will be different without transposition, due to
9Chernyshev V.K., Mokhov V.N., Petrukhin, Vasyukov V.A., Yakubov V.B., Sabaev N.M., Lindemuth I.R., RSwitch during the time of 430 μs till it rises to 10 MA. The diameter of the copper ring element
10Moullin E.B., Phillips F.M.Current, but not vice versa. Moreover, the distribution of induced current near a bounding edge is a
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