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1033871Ganeshpure K.P., Kundu S.As a linear programming problem while the fault effect propagation is treated as an ATPG problem and
1033872Kai Xie, Haixia Guo, Hai-long GuoSecondly a new adaptive interpolation approach based on circular-area is presented. The approach can
1033873Eijt S. W. H., de Roode J., Schut H., Kooi B. J., De Hosson J. Th. M.Formation and stability of rocksalt ZnO nanocrystals in MgO
1033874Xiang Lian, Lei Chen, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Guoren Wang, Ge YuOver the multi-scaled representation. Analysis indicates that the mechanism can greatly prune the
1033875Appelqvist P., Knuuttila J., Ahtiainen J.Communication delay associated to the teleoperation. Safety aspects are addressed as
1033876Inoue M., Muta H., Yamanaka S., Suganuma K.Values for temperature coefficient of resistivity (TCR) regardless of curing and post-annealing
1033877Yoon Hyun Kim, Jin Young KimPerformance of the proposed system is simulated for an AWGN channel by theoretical and simulated
1033878Minch B.A.Current mirrors that were fabricated in a 0.5-mum CMOS process through MOSIS, comparing them with
1033879Bo-Teng Huang, Ko-Yen Lee, Yen-Shin LaiThat the input power factor is greater than 98% in the whole voltage range and full load condition.
1033880Tuanfa Qin, Pei Chang, Xiangcheng LiOf SLMS with that of existing scheme. The numerical results show that our SLMS has a good
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