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11Booker H.G., Clemmow P.C.Earth does not vary rapidly with angle of incidence, and this assumption is not satisfied for
12Barfield R.H.Error? and ?pick-up factor, ? and the various aerial-system modifications are studied with the
13Barfield R.H.Various aerial-system modifications are studied with the object of showing how these factors may be
14Megaw E.C.S.In terms of magnetic field strength are obtained for zero and saturated space-charge conditions. The
15Megaw E.C.S.Obtained for zero and saturated space-charge conditions. The wavelength is found to be about 36 per
16Howlett J.Film-;Lubrication between Spherical Surfaces: with an Application to the Theory of the Four-;Ball Lubricant Testing Instrument
17Gossling B.S.The latter is a quick-acting peak-voltmeter responding in a very small fraction of a micro-second to
18Friedl W., Hilsenbeck F.L., Sturrzenhofecker P.The Proximal Femur Nail (Synthes). For testing 9 femur sowbones and 3 pair of corps femura obtained
19Lu Valle J.E.The diffuse double layer:WC--very diffuse-coupled with the charge per particle varying with the
20Coffo M., Gallant J.Magnetic field. Experiments with LARA, a parallel augmented railgun at the French-German Research
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