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21Muskat Morris, Meres Milan W.The Flow of Heterogeneous Fluids Through Porous Media
22Pekeris C. L.Asymptotic Solutions for the Normal Modes in the Theory of Microwave Propagation
23Gossling B.S.Damping of the oscillatory current. With the smallest condenser, however, the oscillation is very
24Kingdon Kenneth H.The Arc Cathode Spot and Its Relation to the Diffusion of Ions within the Cathode Metal
25Xiao-tao Li, Shifeng Huang, Ji-ren Li, Mei Xu, Xiaoning SongAnd 2004. The results show that the area of the wetlands in Yellow River Delta was increased and
26Ohhashi M., Rokugawa S.Equipment industry of Japan, when the business environment is considered. The factor that influences
27Muskat M., Morgan F.Studies in Lubrication. III. The Theory of the Thick Film Lubrication of a Complete Journal Bearing of Finite Length with Arbitrary Positions of the L
28Furutsu K.It becomes the leading term at large distance from the dipole. The height-gain factor of this term
29Morgan P.D., Whitehead S.Touching in the span), and this factor renders it desirable to avoid transposition whenever
30Liu X., Goodwin-,Johansson S., Jacobson J. D., Ray M. A., McGuire G. E.On the spatial resolution of two-;dimensional doping profiles as measured using secondary ion mass spectrometry tomography
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