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31Kamimura Hiroshi, Tanabe YukitoAntiferromagnetic Ordering Effect on the Infrared Absorption Spectrum of CoF2
32Sun Ming, Wang Lei, Wang Zhi-GuoThe reliability of the distribution system and made the effect of the DG at a discount. This paper
33Feixia Pan, Vatanporast R.This approach has been verified by experimental measurement. In addition, it has been pointed out
34Meek J.M.Factor does not appear to have been considered in other laboratories, and it may explain some of the
35Fisher Robert A., Bischel William K.Numerical studies of the interplay between self-;phase modulation and dispersion for intense plane-;wave laser pulses
36Morgan P.D., Taylor H.G., Lethersich W.Temperature of the rubber to 50?C. (iv) By modifying the design of the lamp so as to reduce the
37Hartshorn L., Rushton E.Cent, and of permittivity 1 per cent. It was found that in all cases the power loss P in the
38Beard J.R., Haldane T.G.N.Rapid growth of load and that this makes the present a suitable moment to analyse city distribution
39Loeb Leonard B.Recent Developments in Analysis of the Mechanisms of Positive and Negative Coronas in Air
40Barker A.H.Necessary to secure the desired result. The overall efficiency of the heating process by other media
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