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41Taylor H.G.With P.M.E. Consequently the voltage on the metalwork may have almost any value and the combined
42Pimjaipong W., Junrussameevilai T., Maneerat N.Appropriate methods to solve the problems efficiently. The investment and maintenance cost of the
43Bruce C.E.R.Viz. 270 to 2 000 amperes. Taking the mean value found for the temperature of the region in which
44Kebkal O.Code, the feedback channel is either excluded or used to send a ldquostoprdquo message from the
45Meiling Huang, Hong JiangSurface ultraviolet radiation reaching the surface to maintain residents' health and ecosystem
46Sarkar T., Burintramart S., Yllmazerl N., Yu Zhang, Del A., Salazar-Palma M., Lagunas M., Mokole E.,Channel capacity in a physically proper way. First, the channel capacity of any system needs to be
47Moullin E.B.Force at the foot of the perpendicular from a filament distant ?? from a plane is almost zero when
48Lee Young Ju, Christian T.Filter. The second control problem involves the estimation of the satellite attitude and its
49Ontac S., Dag S., Gokler M.I.The top of the solar panel assembly and must carry various antennae. The main objective of this
50Clothier H.W.Of the need for an international agreement on standard conditions for assessing ratings. Results of
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