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51Wang Lin-hui, Dong Zhi-qing, Huang Wei-ting, Li Fu-qiangThe economic growth, and the Chinese government governance can make the best economic growth with
52Senior T.B.A.Strength equal to the Fresnel reflection coefficient appropriate to a particular angle of incidence,
53Miles J. W.On the Diffraction of an Electromagnetic Wave through a Plane Screen
54Hoffmann HorstQuantitative Calculation of the Magnetic Ripple of Uniaxial Thin Permalloy Films
55Miciu I.By the optimizing system, of the consumers connected to the network following the algorithm: 4) the
56Hartshorn L., Rushton E.= G0 + Af? where G0, A and ?, are constants. The index ? was greater than unity. This law may be
57Cover T., King R.Thenhat{H}_{n}(X)is an asymptotic upper - bound for the true entropy. IfXis
58Smith-Rose R.L., Ross W.Experiments were carried out at Martlesham on ground of such poor conductivity (107 e.s.u., or about
59Harms A.A.P., Tverberg V., Svendsen H.Composition will result in altered energy transfer within the pelagic food web with potential
60Buyle G., Depla D., De Bosscher W., Eufinger K., Haemers J., De Gryse R.Energy of the SE is set to zero, as is common practice, it is reflected by the combined influence of
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