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61Leroy G., Gest J., Vandamme L. K. J., van Deursen A. P. J.Analytical expressions for the conductance noise measured with four circular contacts placed in a square array
62Biris A.S., Mazumder M.K., Sims R.A., Yurteri C.U., Farmer S., Snodgrass J.Pattern from the nozzle. The electric field modifications introduced by the grounded ring electrodes
63Levis A.M. Mendel, G. Meyer, J. B. Pearson, H. E. Rauch, G. N. Saridis, J. L. Speyer, J. N. Tsitsiklis, P.
64Fairweather AlanThat such pips and craters occur in a random manner and that neither seems to be associated with a
65Miyoshi S., Shimizu S., Matsushima J., Ifukube T.Also almost constant. The width value equals the distance between the points at which the profile of
66Serry F. Michael, Walliser Dirk, Maclay G. JordanThe role of the casimir effect in the static deflection and stiction of membrane strips in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
67Smith-Rose R.L.Readings obtained in the daytime over a considerable period, it is also to be concluded that skilled
68Kenty CarlOn the Starting of Hg Vapor Discharge Tubes
69Shaltiel D.Effect of Hydrogenation on the Paramagnetic Resonance of Gd in Pd and Pd-;Rich Alloys
70Jack Susan H., Hann David B., Greated Clive A.Influence of the acousto-optic effect on laser Doppler anemometry signals
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