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81Slack MargaretBy a number of authors. The mathematical theory used to derive the results is given in Section 6. It
82Shkol'nik S.M.Corollary fact of the CS dynamics. The conclusions that follow immediately from the dynamic model of
83Campbell M.L.Their implications for national and homeland security, the mapping of our continental shelf, energy
84Moullin E.B.4.5. The test consisted in measuring the third-harmonic component of voltage across the diagonal of
85Golovin A. A., Davis S. H., Voorhees P. W.Step-flow growth of a nanowire in the vapor-liquid-solid and vapor-solid-solid processes
86Geddy G.Printed-wiring board's function electrically. Photocircuits Corporation has used this parameter in
87Watson W.Approximates to geometrical optics whenm_{1}is large enough does not emerge until the
88Eckart CarlThe Generation of Wind Waves on a Water Surface
89Roca M., Martinez D., Reche M.Instrument. ESA has run a study on this topic to seed the use of individual echoes by scientists.
90Ong Hiap LiewOrigin and characteristics of the optical properties of general twisted nematic liquid-;crystal displays
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