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580648Olson Z.L., Van Moorhem W.K., Roemer R.B.Stationary, self-balancing stability when subjected to an impact disturbance; 3) movement
744809Ross D.It's roughly what governments around the world plan to pump into the science, engineering and
680530Stojnic M.Neighborlines proportional to dimension,¿ Disc. Comput. Geometry, vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 617-652,
176522Douine B., Lévêque J., Mezani S.Different experimental techniques (transport current, hysteretic cycle, and ac susceptibility). This
1018197Cameron K.W., Ge R., Sun X.-H.Practical use on real
886127Finkelstein A., Harman M., Mansouri S.A., Jian Ren, Yuanyuan ZhangAnd conflict resolution. This paper uses a multi-objective optimisation approach to support
856673Schatten A.Techniques are the key to make informed decisions, optimizations and to execute international
771145Liu Suqin, Shuo Jun, Meng Lingfen, Lixing ShengScheduling problems. But the existing ant colony algorithm can not solve the scheduling problems
901627Venta L., Isomursu M., Ahtinen A., Ramiah S.What features and processes have played an active role in building the attachment. The results are
886160Petrantonakis P., Kosmidou V., Nikolaraizi M., Koutsogiorgou S., Hadjileontiadis L.J.And pictures. A series of test-questions are also incorporated that reflect the contribution of each
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