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1048780Soulignac M., Taillibert P.To one multiple wavefront expansion instead of n - 1, hence dividing the computational effort by
1048779Esmaeili M., Kakhbod A.Redundancy values for i-level partially anti-uniform sources with distribution {pi} is an interval
1048778Zhenyu Zhao, Jianjun Wang, Shaoqing Li, Jihua Chen2.5v power supply. The die area of transmitter and receiver are 0.015 mm2, 0.01 mm2 respectively.
1048777Salman Mohagheghi, Yamille del Valle, Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Ronald G. HarleyThe proposed controller outperforms a conventional PI controller for a STATCOM in a small and large
1048776Lokhandwala Adnaan, Salato Maurizio, Soldano MarcoIncreases the circuit complexity for efficient synchronous-rectification control. The proposed
1048775Qun Zhao, Stojcic G.Induced power loss on synchronous buck converters at different operation conditions can be readily
1048774Srinoy S., Chimphlee W.Also to detect suspicious activity that may be the result of a new, unknown attack. Our method
1048773Chow W. W., Kneissl M., Northrup J. E., Johnson N. M.Influence of quantum-well-barrier composition on gain and threshold current in AlGaN lasers
1048772Wong K.-L.J., Rylyakov A., Yang C.-K.K.At 6 Gb/s, with an 80-mV differential launch amplitude through a channel with 6.2-dB attenuation at
1048771Kortelainen J.M., Virkkala J.Normal subjects, when 12% of data was automatically removed due to movement artifacts. Background
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