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750555Alqahtani A., Zedan H.Inter-services composition-level. This conceptual approach will be explained and illustrated using a
750556Battezzati N., Decuzzi F., Violante M., Briet M.Configuration memory. As a result, application-oriented sensitiveness analysis tools are needed
750558Gob A., Schreiber D., Hamdi L., Aitenbichler E., Muhlhauser M.Prefetching is done automatically using a sequence prediction algorithm. The benefit of prefetching
750551He Guang-lin, Wu Guo-hui, Lao Li, Chen JingControl capability. Neural networks are used directly as the controller as well as indirect designs
750550IEEE Conferences Computer and Robot Vision, 2009. CRV '09. Canadian Conference on
750553Jian Huang, Bastani F., I-Ling Yen, Jun-Jang JengPhysical devices in the system in the context of real world constraints.In this paper, we present a
750554Jie Ma, Yu Yao, Dong LiuReference adaptive theory, a new controller design was provided which added a fractional order
750557Keming Chen, Lingling QiAdopted into mixing the micro-architecture of multiple modes. The thread switch with low cost was
750549Rad Habibollah Arasteh, Samsudin Khairulmizam, Ramli Abdul Rahman, Tehrani Alireza Mohamad BagherSecurity makes it unsuitable for transmitting the confidential data. In this paper, we discuss
750552Yamada M., Huda M., Teraoka E., Kuwamura Y.Feedback noise, while the electric negative feedback was set in a frequency range lower than the
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