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1025066Prasad S., Bruce L.M.Algorithms. In this paper, we present a theoretical analysis of the effects of PCA on discrimination
1025067Mondal M., Mutnury B., Patel P., Connor S., Archambeault B., Cases M.Measurement and modeling results. An effective and accurate method for modeling the common mode
1025068Mahseredjian J., Dinavahi V., Martinez J.A.Environments. The various categories of tools are presented with highlights on applicability ranges
1025069Khder M.A., Zin A.M., Othman Z.(DAG n FTOT)) proposed here to be implemented over the ad-hoc network and the fixed network (we will
1025070Xu Shiyun, Yang Ying, Huang LinEach node. These derived criteria are very easy to be verified through Matlab Toolbox. The
1025071Xi Wang, Phill Kyu RheeContext-driven genetic algorithm for short. The goal of this system is to select an optimal
1025072Xingjia Yao, Yanjun Jing, Zuoxia XingGrey prediction strategy is proposed for the implementation of DTC to improve its slow response.
1025073Aggarwal P., Dutta A., Bhattacharya B.Variable impedance control. Experimental results prove that it is possible to detect the humans
1025074Kuckertz Patrick, Ansari Junaid, Riihijarvi Janne, Mahonen PetriPresented comprehensive design details of different components of the system, the developed
1025075Polenov D., Lutz J., Probstle H., Brosse A.Circuit can increase. A reduction of switching losses in half-bridge configurations is possible
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