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830947Fengguo Liu, Bingliang Gao, Shixing Wang, Zhaowen Wang, Zhongning ShiVolume is additive in NaNO2-KNO3-NaNO3 ternary molten salts mixtures. According to that, an
830948Celani F.System known as TORA. The controller uses only measurements of the rotational position and is
830949Dun Yi, Chen Jian-hui, Gao Feng-qi, Xu Zhang-suiObscured or lost completely. A complex-valued mother wavelet based on the impulse response of the
830950Senthuran S., Anpalagan A., Das O.Source-to-destination and relay-to-destination) have equal gains, power ratio is found to be ¿
830951Mohagheghi S., Harley R.G., Habetler T.G., Divan D.Of one or more components in the rectifier circuit have changed from their original conditions-long
830952Min Feng, Xue-wei Cao, Yang A., Xu Zuo, Vittoria C., Harris V.G.Coulomb repulsion) on electronic structure. The calculated density of states (DOS) shows that
830953Pungotra Harish, Knopf George K, Canas RobertBehavior of the model and assist the user in validating the concept design before performing
830954Beres Y., Mont M.C., Griffin J., Shiu S.Well they are likely to perform in potential future scenarios, which may include changes in working
830955Greenberg S.Burdens and supplying appropriate building blocks, toolkits give people a language to think about
830956Qadeer M.A., Khan A.H., Ansari J.A., Waheed S.Easy and efficient deployment of new multimedia communication services mixing telecom and data
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