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392509Miller L.E., Kelleher J.J.As functions of transmitter power and receiver noise, based on analysis of radio deployment
392505Bowers J. E., Hemenway B. R., Wilt D. P.Etching of deep grooves for the precise positioning of cleaves in semiconductor lasers
392512Maiti A., Schaumont P.Emerging hardware primitive for secure applications. It exploits manufacturing process variations in
392513de Rooij O., Snoek C.G.M., Worring M.Demonstration we showcase the RotorBrowser. A visualization within MediaMill system which uses query
392511-Topics were dealt with: power engineering; instrumentation; production automation; electric
392507Zhang wei, Pang Jie, Tu XuyanInformation system integration has analyzed in this article, which is faces in enterprise because it
392514Lüschen F.The author's reply to the discussions on ¿Modern communication systems¿ at London and Manchester
392510Lyon G.The author's reply to the discussions on ¿Some experience with a British a.c. network analyser¿
392508Edgcumbe K., Ockenden F.E.J.The author's reply to the discussions on ¿Some recent advances in alternating-current measuring instruments¿ at London and Newcastle
392506Williams F.C., Laithwaite E.R.The authors' reply to the discussions ¿A brushless variable-speed induction motor¿
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