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459762Halevi Yoram, Haddad Wassim M., Bernstein Dennis S.A Riccati Equation Approach to the Singular LQG Problem
459754Olken M.From the editor - Blackouts redux industry's on-again off-again relationship
459761Gerosa G.Introduction To The Digital Section
459755James T.It's all in the Mind
459758Takahashi H., Yamagishi K., Henmi Z., Sasaki H.The clad tape memory
459760-The Diseases of Electrical Machinery
459757Peppiatt H. J., Brockhouse B. N.The Initial Susceptibility of Nickel under Tension
459753-The Intelligent Systems
459759Loffler M., Walther H.The ion-trap laser
459756-Welcome from the General Chairman
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