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600534Zhang F., Nagarkatti S.P., Costic B.T., Dawson D.M., Rahn C.D.Exit points of the string and a pair of control forces applied to the string via an interstitial
600538Gersten M., Rauch J. E.Source size line broadening in convex curved crystal x-;ray spectrographs
600532Sundberg C.-E.Error is identified, the corresponding PCM word is rejected by the receiver and replaced by a
600530Alouani A.T.Centralized (global) conditional density of the state process, conditioned on the distributed
600531Xiaolei Yu, Yongrong Sun, Jianye Liu, Ling Wu, Yuan Chen, Jianfeng MiaoOf foreign and domestic research in this field. Subsequently, the key techniques of the GPS/GALILEO
600537Huang Ming-,Zhu, Ching W. Y.Electronic structure and spin-;density distribution in Y2Fe17 (abstract)
600535Qin Chen, Luh J.Y.S.Start moving and to maintain the geometric pattern while the robots are moving towards a goal
600533Abdullah M.K., Mahdiraji G.A., Elhag M.F.On free space propagation model is considered for the simulation study. Two modulation schemes of
600529Jiang H., Soong F.K., Lee C.-H.Utterance verification as two specific examples. In acoustic modeling, the true-token sets are used
600536Boudreau G.D., Falconer D.D., Mahmoud S.A.Spectrum multiple access) environment is compared to that of medium-rate to low-rate convolutional
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