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939460Prashanth G., Prashanth V., Jayashree P., Srinivasan N.Algorithm which can be used for network intrusion detection This can be used for real time intrusion
939459Zhang H.P., Sun L.L., Jiang L.F., Ma L.J., Lin M.Proposed TGFPTD SOI LIGBT cell is feasible to be fabricated in advanced SOI CMOS technologies and
939465Vasilets V.N., Sevastianov V.I.Active compounds and spatially resolved chemical patterning. The relationships of the surface
939464Petrov M., Taneva A., Puleva T., Ahmed S.Predictive control algorithm. In this paper, the parallel distributed neuro-fuzzy model predictive
939461Zhengtao DingFor control design, together with the system output. Certain conditions are identified for the
939462Costello D.Interest of reducing transmission line relay misoperations, this technical paper shares practical
939467Ricci L., Genovali L.Guarantee the persistence of passive objects in a DVE environment. The paper presents an
939468Ruoting Yang, Tzyh Jong Tarn, Mingjun ZhangDerived from measurement Therefore, the proposed method inherits the advantages of both feedback and
939463Tutakne D.R., Suryavanshi H.M., Tarnekar S.G., Arora T.G.High-quality low harmonic input current naturally at nearly unity power factor. Comparison of
939466Cohen O., Lytle A.L., Popmintchev T., Kapteyn H.C., Murnane M.M.Ldquophotonicrdquo structures can be used for quasi-phase-matching the high-harmonic generation
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